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The path of Yoga is vast. There are many points of entry, many unique experiences. 

Here, you are invited...

Dayna Hanlon-Pinkerton

to connect...

to experience your vitality and contentment.

Yoga meets you exactly as you are.

It is an honor to work together with you as your yoga path unfolds, as Self-understanding reveals itself.

Welcome, my name is Dayna,

I am a yoga therapist and teacher with more than 25 years of practice, training and experience. My purpose is to support your healing, to teach and to hold space for your learning and integration.

I believe we are meant to realize our fullest potential. To SHINE our light on this Earth.

Sometimes we get stuck, confused, dark.

Every single breath is a reminder to begin again.

Image by Ksenia Makagonova

Love and appreciate how Dayna meets everyone at their level. Love the mindfulness. TLC student

I have PTSD and Dayna's classes and training help me to focus on positive thoughts and feelings. I use them often. So grateful. Dayna is an excellent teacher. 


Dayna is very in tune to the people in her class. She stretches us physically and mentally while letting each of us explore our own boundaries by giving us alternative poses. TLC student

About Dayna: The Short Story 

Yoga began to call for my attention when I was a child. I had no idea as a young swimmer, moving rhythmically through water, connected to my breath, fully present to the moment; awake, that I was indeed experiencing the flow.

My path has taken me in many directions since those early days in the water, yet Yoga has always called me in offering an anchor, a foundation during tough times.  


Through the power of breath to root me in the present, through the empowerment of the body to teach me strength, vulnerability, humility, to the divine spirit to foster faith and honor mystery...through the very simple truth that all is One; connected. Yoga is my teacher.

Dayna Pinkerton

I am a devoted yogini and an educator--- endlessly inspired by Nature's rhythms, cycles and teachings. I am curious about myself, others, the world we share and how we honor one another. I teach from a perspective of co-creation whereby the goal of Yoga; self-understanding, self-realization, enlightenment is held in balance with the practical application of real life skills. My intention is one of stewardship, support, guidance, and compassion. 

      The Details

  • Certified  Yoga Therapist by the International Association of Yoga Therapists

  • Member of the Association for Spiritual Integrity

  • Yoga & Movement Teacher 

  • Additional training and experience in trauma, psycholgy (Western and Ayurvedic), somatics, and polyvagal theory

  • Experience with survivors of childhood sexual abuse

  • More than 20 years as an educator including adult language education and supervisor of education programs K-12

  • More than 25 years of personal yoga practices

  • BA in English and Psychology

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