Love and appreciate how Dayna meets everyone at their level. Love the stretching and mindfulness. TLC student

Dayna is very in tune to the people in her class. She stretches us physically and mentally while letting each of us explore our own boundaries by giving us alternative poses. TLC student

I have PTSD and Dayna's classes and training help me to focus on positive thoughts and feelings. I use them often. So grateful. Dayna is an excellent teacher. Anonymous

Practicing yoga under Dayna's leadership is a truly transformative experience. Dayna's intuition is matched only by her technical expertise. Upon first meeting her, she welcomes you into a safe and sincere environment, then quickly and unknowingly assesses your practice to create an accessible experience. In subsequent practices she builds on your progress while deepening your relationship with her and yourself. Dayna masters a balance of letting you guide your progress with exposing you to poses, questions, and ideas you didn't know you needed. Throughout all of this, she adds a layer of ease and lightness that lets you forget progress is work. Best of all, her hugs are unparalleled.  

Allison M

I have been studying yoga with Dayna for over 2 years and have learned many things. Yoga offers me a sense of stability. It has made me calmer, and more centered on a daily basis. Yoga has also improved my flexibility and core strength. The breathing helps me deal with anxiety issues. I have learned to self harm much less, and focus on the importance of clearing my mind! Yoga is a personal journey, different for each and everyone of us!  Stacey T

Dayna is a wonderful yoga instructor. She designs a practice based on her students needs that day. She always makes me feel grounded and welcomed and accepted. I love to practice with her. Her kindness and generous heart shines through!  Nikki J

Dayna‚Äôs asana classes remind you that challenges are often subtle and can sneak up on you slowly -- and that overcoming those challenges requires a calm, consistent focus, rather than brute force or a fast pace. Her presence has a simultaneously calming and inspiring effect. Carmen W

Dayna was the first teacher that seemed to really understand my practice.  I liked the slower pace of the class that allowed for focus on position and alignments within the pose. I also liked how she always asked us what we wanted from the class before we started and how she would slowly incorporate new poses into the practice. Practice always seemed to be the perfect amount of challenge. Eric

I truly appreciate your ability to empathize with the workshop participants and give us/me a sense of "everyone is doing the best she/he can from where she is." I appreciate the practical application discussions every step of the way.  Starr T


York, PA

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