About Me

I am a devoted yogini and an educator--- endlessly inspired by Nature's rhythms, cycles and teachings. I am curious about myself, others, the world we share and how we honor one another. I teach from a perspective of co-creation whereby the goal of Yoga; self-understanding, self-realization, enlightenment is held in balance with the practical application of real life skills. My intention is one of stewardship, support  guidance and compassion. 

The Details
  • C-IAYT, over 1000 hours of yoga training

  • More than 20 years as an educator including adult language education and supervisor of education programs K-12

  • 1500+ hours teaching yoga in group and individual settings

  • Over two decades of personal yoga practices

  • BA in English and Psychology

photo credit Willow J Pinkerton 2017

My Story 

Yoga began to call for my attention when I was a child. I had no idea as a young swimmer, moving rhythmically through water, connected to my breath, fully present to the moment; awake, that I was indeed experiencing the flow.

My path has taken me in many directions since those early days in the water, yet Yoga has always called me, in one form or another, offering an anchor, a foundation.  Through the power of breath to root me in the present, through the empowerment of the body to teach me strength, vulnerability, humility, to the divine spirit to foster faith and honor mystery...through the very simple truth that all is One; connected. Yoga is my teacher.



York, PA

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